If there is an idea and people who are ready to give it up, partners will be there, and any project will be implemented.

This is how the project with a long name and full content - "Promotion of creative development of the village of Mariyanivka through the mobilization of the efforts of the public and the launch of the international festival-competition named after I.S. Kozlovsky's "New Sound Search" for gifted children from small areas. "

People living in villages, or in any other way connected with them, understand that rural and urban people's access to education, information, sports varies greatly. The goals of sustainable development to 2030, which Ukraine also follows, define goals such as "equality of access to education" and "lifelong learning". Unfortunately, the realization of these goals is very slow.

The basis of our project was the implementation of the idea of ​​equality in access to education, including musical training.

In a 40-km from Kiev in Vasilkovsky district of the Kyiv region, a picturesque village with an incredible history - Maryanivka spreads out. In this village Ivan Semenovich Kozlovsky was born - the most famous tenor of the 20th century. It was he who for the first time drew attention to the fact that children in villages do not have access to music education, but are no less gifted than children from cities. So, in implementing the equal opportunities for rural areas in access to education, in the 1970s, he built, at his own expense, a musical school in his native village, which he supported throughout his life, and who works until now. He brought the piano to this school, one of which (Blutner) was played by Sergei Rachmaninov, and today Maryan children are playing on this piano. Marianivka became almost the most popular Ukrainian village. Of the 100 high school students, 70 are trained in music. This proportion is maintained over the last 45 years, when almost all the population of Maryanivka village passed through the musical school.

The purpose of Ivan Kozlovsky was to keep his case. Local residents and educators support his business, but their financial capabilities and opportunities for residents from other villages do not allow the children to show their talents outside the village.

That is why we decided to launch a contest-festival of children's academic vocals for children from small areas just in Maryanivka.

The entire community is united around the project. The village, with the number of local residents in 1000 people, has received 200 participants of the contest and their attendants. Since the contest gathered children from all over Ukraine, the locals provided them with comfortable accommodation in their homes, treated, and, of course, they all sang a lot.

Two days of the festival brought many surprises and discoveries. A huge number of talented children performed on the stage of the Maryan school for the accompaniment of their teachers who played on the Rakhmaninovsky instrument.

For many participants, this competition was the only opportunity to showcase its talent. All participants confirmed that they were able to come to the competition only because they were free of charge, organizers were provided with all the logistics of delivery to the venue of the competition, as well as accommodation and food. Some children asked for help to come to Kyiv for donors, because the family can not afford such expenses.

When the concept of the festival-competition was already developed, we could easily find partners in different spheres. So, Coca Cola provided all participants with drinking water and juices throughout the event; Nestle has provided a delicious breakfast for kids; DTEK employees helped with video-shooting; Photographer Alexander Domre made the first art photo portraits for all participants of the festival.

As a result of the contest, 140 children from different distant corners of Ukraine were able to participate and unleash their talents. Local residents have united to create an opportunity for the village - to develop its infrastructure through attracting tourists and providing opportunities for their children to see the world through the festival. The local head of the village council strongly supported the organizers of the festival. The winners of the competition were given the opportunity to record their first disc in a professional studio. Many talents were open. This festival in a small village will be a small step in the long professional musical life of its participants.

We have achieved our goal - to give equal opportunity to everyone. We would like our initiative to be continued and supported.


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